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The world is coming to an end. It has been foretold, and so it shall be. We cannot stop it; we only wait, and observe, and recall.

This is a game to create a chronicle of a world, and to find the world again in the last seconds of its life. The game is different depending on which path you choose to take.

The CHRONICLER documents a world, neither part of it nor detached from it. The WITNESSES find their artifacts some time later, and reflect, and remember.

You will not play together. You might not play at the same time, or in the same place. You might not even know each other before you play this game.

When you play The Chronicler, you will play alone, across time, across worlds. There is foretelling that an end is coming. You are here to ensure that your life, your people, and your world, survive. The Witnesses will find your artifacts an unknowable amount of time later. They will observe, they will wonder, they will remember their own lives, and they will know you. The world they know is empty, and soon they, too, will be gone. But they will carry these moments with them.

if you want to share a chronicle or pick up a chronicle to witness, follow this link: (https://tinyurl.com/chroniclesharing). if you would like to give money to the historian, they request that you donate to RAICES or any local charity supporting those seeking asylum in other countries.

this game was inspired by timeFRAME by random seed games and written for the #bideojam in 2019.


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